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Myra Rajan

“I enjoy working closely with our clients and tenants to ensure the owner’s property is always taken care of and our tenants have a great place to live. After all, great property management is more about building trusted relationships between two parties. My mission is to create positive symbiotic relationships between happy owners and happy tenants.”

As Bodewell’s Operations Director, Myra is ultimately responsible for selecting the right tenants for the right properties and addressing owners and tenant’s property related requests. This role requires experience, knowledge, expertise, and great interpersonal skills. Myra has an incredible gift for establishing and maintaining strong mutually respectful relationships with people from all walks of life.

Myra found success in Vancouver’s Presale Market but found she was soon missing the long-term connections with clients that she found in the property management industry. Her unrivaled reputation and passion for customer service brought her back to property management.

Real Estate Investing and property management have been part of Myra’s family DNA for generations, giving her a natural instinct for the industry. Myra has managed residential as well as commercial real estate investments from a very early age.

Born in Belgium, Myra was 10 when her family moved to Vancouver where they have lived ever since. Myra is essential to the Bodewell team offering, life long experience in the field of property management.