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Lease guarantor Locnest finds a rental niche

A new company is introducing a “lease guarantee” product that offers tenants a way to avoid the upfront cost of a security deposit and landlords protection against delinquent tenants.

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A Boomtime for Property Managers

New taxes designed to push homeowners into renting out all or part of their empty homes are achieving the goal – at least while the housing market in B.C. remains soft.

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8 Reasons to Use a Property Management Company

Charging the Right Rent, Marketing your Rental Property, Finding the Right Tenants, Contract Writing, 24/7 Tenant Support, Collecting and Accounting for Rental Revenue, Ongoing Inspections, Year-end accounting...

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Hold Your Property & Earn Big Returns

Smart long-term investors hold on to their real estate investments, rent them out through professional property management companies and enjoy the hassle-free gains and returns on what would otherwise become the government's money.

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How Can We Help Create Vancouver Rental Housing?

When rent controls are overly restrictive they prohibit real estate investors from receiving fair and reasonable profits. This is where we may start to see investment dollars moving to other opportunities and consequentially a decrease in rental housing supply.

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How to Avoid The Empty Homes Tax

If you are a registered owner of residential property in Vancouver you are required to make a property status declaration each and every year. If you fail to complete the declaration by Feb.4th this year, your property will be deemed vacant and you will be charged an additional tax of 1% of the property’s 2018 assessed value.

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Vancouver Real Estate Market and Property Management

Empty Homes Tax & Rental Inventory

For the time being, some of the heat has come out of the Vancouver real estate market, especially now that presale-condo buying activity has cooled. The days of seeing buyers line up around the block and struggle for access to buy off-plan presales, without knowing the exact price or what they might receive for their money, may be temporarily gone.

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Presales and Property Management

If you can’t Assign It, Rent It!

Many real estate investors who purchased contracts to buy some of Vancouver’s beautiful new condos in the previously booming presales market had planned to sell their contracts before completion. In doing so they would have been able to “assign” them to another investor and enjoy big gains. Today, investors who purchased a presale contract four to two years ago are being forced to revisit their strategies. As completion of these new condo buildings is now approaching, many investors find themselves facing a slightly lackluster market, as evidenced by the number of Assignments for sale.

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